Weekday options for dog walks  (10am-8pm):

Individual visits per household include active time outside, feeding &/or water refill as needed, simple accident/illness clean-up as applicable, leash training as directed, and an update for you!


15 min visit (10 min walk):  $13

25 min visit (20 min walk):  $18
45 min visit (35-40 min walk): $28

           Each additional dog:  +$3/visit


          Weekend service:  +$5/visit

           Before 10am, after 8pm, & holiday service:  +$10/visit


Buddy Walk program

If your pup has a canine friend that they walk well with & is located within one block of your home, on days that both pups have visits scheduled, they can be walked together & both households will receive a discounted visit charge! Discounted pricing quoted on a case-by-case basis


*no minimum required

**walk time may vary based on health &/or weather factors


discounts available

Extended care options:


Overnight in-home pet-sitting:  $78


24 hours of intermittent care coverage includes an overnight stay, regular feeding & water refill, regular walks for your dog(s), extra down-time spent with your pets, select house-sitting chores (plant watering, mail collecting, etc.), and a daily update for you!


Holiday care:  +$20/night

Each additional cat cared for:  +$3/night

Each additional dog cared for:  +$10/night

Puppies (up to 9mos):  +$12/night


Same-day lockout service (for our human clients)  per availability


During business hours (10am-8pm):  $20

Outside of business hours:  $30

Key pick-up or drop-off by appointment: $8

Cat care visits (10am-10pm):

Visits include a quick wellness check, regular feeding & water refill, litter scooping, some playtime/interaction with your pets, select house-sitting chores (plant watering, mail collecting, etc.), and an update for you!


  Weekday (Mon-Fri) visit:  $17

  Weekend (Sat-Sun) visit:  $22

  Holiday visit:  $27

Each additional cat cared for:  +$2/visit

Pet-sitting by the hour (10am-9pm) includes one 25 min walk

$30 for 1 hour

$55 for 2 consecutive hours

$85 for 3 consecutive hours (limited availability)


Weekend care: +$5/hour

Holiday care:  +$12/hour

Each additional cat cared for:  +$3/hour

Each additional dog cared for: +$5/hour

Ear cleaning:  $4  

   recommended 1-2x/week


Shampoo & conditioner bath: 

   recommended 2-3x/month


Dogs 0-19lb:  $20

Dogs 20-44lb: $25

Dogs 45-70:  $35

Other in-home hygiene services:

   only available as add-ons to visits or overnights


Teeth-brushing:  $3  

   recommended 3+ times/week


Thorough de-shed brushing: 

   recommended 1/week


Dogs/cats 0-19lb: $10

Dogs 20-44lb:  $15

Dogs 45-84lb:  $20

Dogs 85lb+:  $30

Holiday rates may apply for services scheduled on the following 2018 dates:


Dec 29-Jan 2, Feb 14, Mar 31, Apr 1, May 13, May 25-28, June 17, July 3-5, Aug 31-Sept 4, Nov 21-25, Dec 21-Jan 2

Additional dates will be added.

Pricing subject to change. Availability may be limited.